40. Gaynor Leeper   (50)      ENG   London

Klasse: FL600             Status:    Rookie
Tidligere løp: FL600-20/33  

Ditt beste hundekjørerminne:
Coming from London where I had an office job in the city for many years, I love it when I'm out with the dogs on a cold and sunny day, and feel blessed that I swapped grey, concrete buildings for a new kind of "office window" in beautiful natural surroundings.

Sponsorer: Lapland Sleddog Adventures

Langdistanse erfaringer
Løp/ år/ plassering - inklusive alle gangene du har fullført Finnmarksløpet:

Tobacco Trail 2014/1 and 2018/1

Hvorfor langdistanse / Finnmarksløpet:
Finnmarkslopet has always been THE race to run amongst my mushing friends. I never thought I had the mushing skills and stamina to do it but it's time to give it a try... :-)

Målsettinger og strategi for årets løp:
Prepare properly and give the team the best chance of enjoying the journey to the finish line. My husband tells me that it will help alot if I remain focused on 'the job' at the checkpoints and not spend so much time talking to every person I meet!! Lol.

Ledere i spannet/ navn/ alder:
Thor and Loki (4 years old), Nyx (brother), Kuka and Hera (their sisters). We will see who else might end up in lead!

Other than being with the dogs, I love getting out in nature and hiking high mountains. I also enjoy running and have recently got my paragliding pilots license.

Milos Gonda (husband) and lots of family back in the UK!

Land: Sweden

Hjemmeside: www.laplandsleddogadventures.com

Yrke: Sleddog Tourism

Trekkhundklubb: Torne River Sleddog Club

Kennel navn: Lapland Sleddog Adventures

Ant. hunder: 44

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