Thomas Rosencrantz places the wonderful eleventh position

Skrevet av: Lucie Bernardova(transl)
Dato: 11.03.2006 14:38

It was very hard to start from Jotka, the last phase began as joggingtour, smiled the Swiss when he passed as eleventh the 1000 km end point after the midninght. The experiend Finnmarksløpet-Musher almost repeted his best race 2 years ago.

- I wish I have not lost the truck.........The dogs have abided in a place. The beginning was like a jogging tour. And then the snow conditions. The way turned to the right but I went straight on and I overlooked the spotlight sticks. Luckily I realised very soon that I went too far. Just to return the dogs to the right truck maintained a lot of energy.

Inuvik must go to the lead....

Thomas Rosencrantz raced with very clever strategie. His team is old and experienced, he has a lot of practice with his dogs . Even when he had to improvise, it worked very well. Namely, in his dog team are only few dogs in the lead. And the 1000 km cross the ice-cold Vidda can take all the motivation away.

Inuvik had to go to the lead, told Vreni who is the Thomas' Partner and also his trader. Inuvik is not the best head dog in the team but when needed he can put a lot of effort into a race . Probably he was sure about their success because he leaded the dog team without any doubt to the finish.

Vreni Brechbuhler is a organisational minded trader and look after the race progress carefully. She is very much experienced as she herself participated in runracing in the Switzerland.

In the end everything has worked out good

Before restart the last saturday, the car has failured. No problem, Kjetil's Brennodden team fettered up the engine cove. Aftewards - about 200 km, the car stuck without power in the direction to Russia .Occasional mechanician from Skadi came to help. The next problems came in Skipagurra when passing Press bus could take the reserves for the dogs and the musher. Then was everything all right, the stuff was packed back together. As far as in Kirkenes said the front tyre good bye. If dogs don`t want to go further, the musher does the job for a while. If there is a leak in the tyre, it is sent into the sauna. Unbelievable, but it worked again after that. "In the end , everything has workes out good", said pleased Vreni.

"Candy Dog Kennel"

Rosencrantz participates his 9th time by Finnmarksløpet. About 15 years ago lost his heart for the huskies. Es happened more or less by accident. Es bagan when he went from Stockolm, where he has worked in one of the best hotels, visit Lappland. From that time he lives in Finland, not far away from Kiruna. His "Candy Dog Kennel" counts 19 dogs.

And what will bring the future for the Thomas Rosencrantz team, after his great placing in the most northern dog sledge race and also the roughest race in the world? In every case, the next year will be the personal Finnmarksløpet anniversary number 10.

Fotos:Peter Fischer