FL500 2013
Starttidspunkt: lørdag 9. mars 11:00
Siste oppdatering: 13. mars 2013
31. mai 17:44
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2. Mel Andrews Andover, UK Sluttplassering: 32

Ditt beste hundekjørerminne:
Camping in the mountains, way above the tree line, nothing but snow, me and the dogs, we had worked very hard all day, overcoming many challenges, the dogs had all eaten, had massages and were all bedded down & I was snug in my sled bag, we were all ready for a good night sleep, it was cold, clear and silent, then a spectacular display of Aurora Borealis got underway & all the dogs filled the air with song. Exhausted but content from all our hard work, sleeping outside with my team mates, I couldn't have dreamed anything so magical.

Sponsorer: Dennis van Leur

Langdistanse erfaringer
Løp/ år/ plassering - inklusive alle gangene du har fullført Finnmarksløpet:

Polarhundlopet 100km 2012 (11th), La Grande Odyssee 2011

Hvorfor langdistanse / Finnmarksløpet:
Exploring the mountains with the dogs, the love of adventure, physical & mental challenges, pushing the limits & competing as a team.

Målsettinger og strategi for årets løp:
Work hard as a team & enjoy the race.

Ledere i spannet/ navn/ alder:
I have 20 dogs training, all are important members of the race team. Leaders: Harry 5, Derby 4, Lakrits 6, Punk 2.

Lokalaviser: Andover Advertiser

Hobbyer: Dogsledding, Mountain climbing, Skiing, Kayaking, Wilderness Camping, Photography, Writing & anything outdoor & adventurous.

Familiemedlemmer: Nigel, Ann, Bruce, Darren

Land: Great Britain

Telefon: +47 90402422


Yrke: Musher, Adventurer, Expedition Guide

Trekkhundklubb: Femund Trekkhundklubb

Kennel navn: Team Mel Andrews

Ant. hunder: 35