Experience Finnmarksløpet Individual Accommodation


Rica Hotel Alta is Finnmarksløpets elite partner and will be a good host in a central location during your stay. For room booking  your room visit  their website or call + 47 784 82 700

Sorrisniva Igloo hotel is Finnmarksløpets main partner. They will give you an experience you will not forget. If you want to sleep on reindeer skins in an hotel built of ice, Sorrisniva is the perfect arctic experience for you!
Contact Sorrisniva via their website or call +47 784 33 378





Jotka Fjellstue is a mountain cottage and the first checkpoint the mushers are passing. This is one of youre unique opportunities to stay in fine nature scenery. If you want to stay on Jotka fjellstue you can contact them via their website or call  +47 784 34 554/+47 906 36 290



Skoganvarre Villmark can offer accommodation in cabins both for 2 and 4 people. Please contact via their website or call +47 468 62 958.

Lakselv hotel is located 25 kilometers from Skoganvarre checkpoint. If you want to stay in Lakselv, contact the hotel on their website or contact by phone   +47 784 65 400


Lakselv camping og hybelutleie +47 917 67 301




Levajok fjellstue is accessible cabins of good standard. Levajok is the checkpoint where the 8-dog class is about halfway through the race and turn against Alta again. For booking cottages you can contact Levajok fjellstue through their website or call +47 789 28 714, here you also have the opportunity to accommodate youre own camper/caravan.



Jergul Astu has possibilities for accommodation in beautiful cottages with high standard, you can contact Jergul lodge through their website or call +47 784 69 100/+ 47 917 20 686




Rica Hotel Karasjok is a traditional hotel with strong elements of Sami culture and distinctive architecture. The hotel is centrally located in Karasjok. Visit their website or call +47 784 68 860




Tana bru

Elva hotell og camping offers accommodation in cabins and is also suitable for youre own caravan. Please contact via their website or call +47 951 47 609




Neiden Fjellstue has simple but comfortable cabins for rent. Please contact via their website or by telephone +47 789 96 141

Neiden hotel is 30 km from Kirkenes. If you want to stay in an hotel near the checkpoint you can contact Neiden Hotel by telephone +47 916 42 028


Neiden camping can be contacted by phone +47 789 96 141



Rica Hotel Kirkenes is located in central Kirkenes. As Finnmarksløpets elite partner will recommend Rica Hotel Kirkenes as your host for youre stay. Kirkenes is the checkpoint where the 1000 km class is about half way and will turn against Alta again. Contact the hotel through their website or call +47 789 95 900


Kirkenes camping can be contacted by phone  +47 789 98 028


The checkpoint is at the Sami Museum and the parish house in Varangerbotn, barely 12 km from Tana bru. There is unfortunately no opportunity for the public to stay. The nearest accommodation is in Tana, 12 km from the checkpoint.




The checkpoint has the opportunity for accommodation for riders and handlers. The main house are used for cooking, and you can buy dinner. There are no cabins or rooms for rent at this checkpoint.