Experience Finnmarksløpet round trip

Where are you supposed to be in early March?

In Finnmark awaits a unique adventure for you and your business partners or links. Finnmarksløpet gives you an adventure throughout Finnmark (minimum 12 participants)

Finnmarksløpet is Europe´s northernmost sled dog race. It was organized for the first time in 1981 by Alta Mushing Association. Finnmarksløpet hosts two classes: FL-500 (500 km) raced with up to eight dogs, and FL-1000 (1000 km) with a maximum of 14 dogs.

Both classes start on the same day, Saturday of week 10 in the month of March; they starts and finishes in the biggest city of Finnmark county, Alta. Mushers and dogs in FL-1000, cross the county all the way to Kirkenes in the east, before they turn and race along approximately the same tracks back to the finish line in Alta. The tracks of FL-500 are mainly on the mountain plateau.



Sunday 9.03.2014

Arrive in Kirkenes
Take the bus from the airport to the hotell.
Check inn at the hotell – Rica  Arctic HotelThis hotel is located in the centre of Kirkenes on the border with Russia and Finland. In this border region between East and West, Norwegian, Sami, Finnish and Russian cultures co-exist side by side

16:30 – 22:30 Husky Safary – Hunting for the Northen Lights with dinner.

We pick you up by prior arrangement, and provide transfer to Sollia Gjestegård. You will be served a three-course dinner in Finnmark’s best restaurant – Gapahuken. It is situated right by the Russian border. After this tasty experience, we set off withour dog teams. You will be guided silently through the forest,over frozen lakes and up on the mountain. You will have a view of the borderland towards Russia and towards the Jarfjord,which runs into the Barents Sea. The guide will explain about the Northern Lights, while we wait in suspense.
In order to have a chance of seeing the Northern Lights, it must be completely dark. In the period after March 1, it will not be completely dark until after the starting time!


Monday 10.03.2014

Spend the day waiting for the dogs to enter the check point in kirkenes.
The check point is at Rica Arctic hotel Kirkenes in the center of Kirkenes


Tuesday 11.03.2014

Look at the check point again to see if there is any activities.

Take the bus to Karajok. On the way the buss will stop at the check point in Levajok, to see if there is activities there. Check point Levajok is on the main road E6 approx exactly in between Karasjok and Tana bru. The check point is located at Levajok Fjellstue/Mountain Inn.

Arrive in Karasjok.
Check inn at Rica Hotel Karasjok.
Rica Hotel Karasjok is a modern hotel with strong elements of Lapp culture and characteristic architecture, located in the middle of Karasjok, at the heart of Finnmark. The surrounding countryside is wild and beautiful..


Wednesday 12.03.2014

Visit Sápmi Park.
A theme park that presents the Sami culture and history in an enthralling, informative and entertaining way.
Visit the check point to see if there is any activities there.
The area used as check point is called ”Gjesten” (the guest) and is situated right next to Rica Hotel Karasjok.


Thursday 13.03.2014

Buss to Alta.
Here we will stop at Sorrisniva Iglo Hotell for a visit, and lunch.
The Igloo Hotel is situated in Sorrisniva, 20 kilometres from Alta town centre - in idyllic surroundings on the banks of the Alta River. The Igloo Hotel is the only one of its kind and is built for the 15th time in 2014.
Check inn at the hotell in Alta.
Wait for the winner to arrive in Alta.


Friday 14.03.2013

Se the musher arriving Alta

10:00 – 16:30 Day-trip with the dogs

At Northern Lights Husky you play an active part in getting ready your own dog team. We provide all necessary instructions. We set off from our kennel, drive through the forest, along the Alta River and gladly up in the mountains.We serve a hot lunch around an open fire. You are a musher for a day! On our tours, you are actively involved during the entire trip, from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. When you have changed into the warm winter clothes, we provide brief and precise instructions about how to drive a dog sled. We also explain and show you how to harness your dogs.  You will be given a list of the names of the dogs that will be in your dog team, and then it’s time to get started. The harnesses hang in fixed places. Each dog has its own kennel with its name on it. That makes it easy to find the right dog and you can do most of the tasks yourself. Of course, we are here at all times and are happy to assist you as required. When the dog team is ready, we pull up the snow hook and head out into the forest. It’s time to enjoy the dogs, weather and nature. We drive in the forest, on the river and maybe up in the mountains. You play a part in deciding how many kilometers we drive. We stop en route and enjoy a hot lunch around an open fire. There will be plenty of time to ask all the questions that are on your mind and we also have a few stories to share with you. Safely back at the kennel, we remove the harnesses from the dogs and return the dogs to their respective kennels and hang up the harnesses. This tour is ideal for those who enjoy being outdoors and are keen to try dog sledding. You can try being a genuine musher for a day!

We pick you up at one of our meeting points in Alta and drop you off afterwards. We provide warm thermal suits, mittens, hats and winter boots. Remember to bring your own warm woolen or fleece underwear. Transport and lunch are included in the tour price.


Saturday 15.03.2013

12:00–12:30 Winners Ceremony

19:00 - 24:00 Banquet for the Mushers and there team.


Sunday 16.03.2013



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