Experience Finnmarksløpet Alta

Where are you supposed to be in early March?

In Finnmark awaits a unique adventure for you and your business partners or links. Finnmarksløpet gives you an adventure throughout Finnmark (minimum 12 participants)

Finnmarksløpet is Europe´s northernmost sled dog race. It was organized for the first time in 1981 by Alta Mushing Association. Finnmarksløpet hosts two classes: FL-500 (500 km) raced with up to eight dogs, and FL-1000 (1000 km) with a maximum of 14 dogs.

Both classes start on the same day, Saturday of week 10 in the month of March; they starts and finishes in the biggest city of Finnmark county, Alta. Mushers and dogs in FL-1000, cross the county all the way to Kirkenes in the east, before they turn and race along approximately the same tracks back to the finish line in Alta. The tracks of FL-500 are mainly on the mountain plateau.


Thursday 06.03.2014

  • Arrive Alta
  • Private pick up service from the airport to the hotel
  • Check in at the hotel (this hotel is located in the center of Alta)
  • 19:00 Join the opening ceremony of the Borealis Winter Festival in the town center


Friday 07.03.2014

  • 10:00-16:00 Day trip with huskyes
    At Northern light husky you play an active part in getting ready youre own dog team. We provide all necessery instructions. We set off from our kennel, drive through the forest, along the Alta river and gladly up in the mountais. We serve a hot lunch around an open fire. You are a musher for a day! On our tours, you are actively involved during the entire trip, from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. When you have changed into the warm winter clothes, we provide brief and precise instructions about how to drive a dog sled. We also explain and show you how to harness your dogs.

    We pick you up at one of our meeting points in Alta and drop you off afterwards. We provide warm thermal suits, mittens, hats and winter boots. Remember to bring your own warm woolen or fleece underwear. Transport and lunch are included in the tour price. 
  • 19:00: Join the opening banguet with the mushers that is competing the race

Saturday 08.03.2014

  • 10:45 Official opening of Finnmarksløpet 2014 in the town centre of Alta
  • 11:00 Start of the first team in Finnmarksløpet
  • 14:00 Restart for the 1000 km-class at Sorrisniva
  • 17:00 Evening snowmobile safari/Hunting for the Northern lights
    The trip starts right outside sorrisniva Igloo Hotel and takes us through one of the last wilderness areas in Europe. The terrain is varied; from forest and valley to unending, snow-covered plains. We may catch sight of the northern lights (but please note that you cannot see the northern lights in daylight)
  • 20:00-10:00 next day spend the night at Igloo Hotel
    Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel sleeps around 80, with suites, an ice bar and several lounges. All exterior and interior is made from snow and ice: the rooms, beds, even the glasses in the bar! The hotel is decorated with ice sculptures-beautiful pices of art created by talented sculptors-creating in harmony with the pure white snow a fairytail like atmosphere. The indoor temperature in the igloo hotel varies between -4 and -7 degrees celsius. You spend the night wrappes comfortably up in sleeping bags and reindeer skins. The resturant, cloacroom, sauna and lounge are located in the heated service building beside the igloo hotel.

Sunday 09.03.2014

  • 10:00 Transfer from the Igloo hotel to the Alta airport
  • Departure Alta


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