Changes for Finnmarksløpet 2018

Written by: Trond Anton Andersen
Date: 13.09.2017 19:18

Main changes for Finnmarksløpet 2018

- There is no significant changes for FL-junior. The start will be one hour later than before. New time is 13:00, Saturday March 10th.

Click here to se the FL-junior map i higher resolution

- The trail has a lot of new legs. See map below. The total distance will be approximately the same as in 2017, but there are some new checkpoints and some are gone. Start day is Saturday 10th March.

- Approximately 35 entrants from FL-500 will be chosen to do a 7 km show race with a guest in the sled Friday before race start in Alta. Details about this will appear in the rules for Finnmarksløpet later this month.

Click here to se the FL-500 map i higher resolution

FL-1000, new name is FL-1200

- The most significant change for FL-1000 is the name change; the new name is FL-1200.

- FL-1200 will be almost 1 200 km long and the start will be Friday 9th March, in the evening. The start will be with  2-minute interval between teams.

- The first part of the race is totally changed. From start in Alta, the trail goes south to Kautokeino, then Jergul and from Jergul to the first well-known FL-1000 checkpoint, Levajok.

- From Levajok the trail is the same as before all the way to Varangerbotn. The race will go straight from Varangerbotn to Levajok 2, meaning we skip checkpoint Sirbma. The leg between Varangerbotn and Levajok 2 will be aprox 120 km, meaning a very tough leg in this part of the race.

- For more details about the different legs, see map below.

- The mandatory rest will be 16 hrs + time alignment, and then 10 hrs total which can be divided between Levajok 2 and Karasjok, where a minimum of 2 hrs must be in Karasjok.

Click here to se the FL-1200 map i higher resolution

Signup changes

- There are some important changes regarding refund of the entry fee.

- Withdrawal within 15th December gives right to refund of half the entry fee. There will be no refund after 15th December and no refund what so ever regarding veterinary or medical certificate.

- If entrants want to be insured about loosing money because of involuntary withdrawal, please contact aninsurance company.

- The registration fee stays unchanged for FL-500 and FL-1200, for FL-junior there is a increase. Fees for 2018 are:

  • FL-junior 3 000 NOK – FL-500 6 000 NOK – FL-1200 12 000 NOK.

We’re very much looking forward to FL-2018 – our goal is to make FL-2018 the best race ever!